Pygmy sperm whale 6

Pygmy Sperm Whale (Endless Ocean 2, Deep Hole)

Pygmy Sperm Whale
Type of animal: Whale
Species: Kogia breviceps
Length: 3 m/10 ft
What it looks like: A small, gray whale
Location: Deep Hole (EO2)
Forms: Adult only

The Pygmy Sperm Whale (also known as Dwarf Sperm Whale) is a smaller and cuter copy of the Sperm Whale

In-Game Description

"This small whale is about the same size as a dolphin. When it dives from the surface, it enters the water gently without slapping the water with its tailfin. As it doesn't make a huge splash like other whales, it is considered a little boring."


Endless Ocean 2

The pgymy sperm whale is located in the Deep Dome in Deep Hole. You have to bring any kind of dolphin with you. When you go to the bottem of the hole, there will be a massive rock blocking the cave. Go to it with your dolphin and move the rock. There will be a small cave, from which the pygmy sperm whale swims out.


It swims around the Deep Dome area.


  • It is said when this whale is frightened, it lets out thick, black smoke.
  • There is only one of these in the entire game.
  • It is found day and night, although it's more active at night, when it actually comes out of the hole. It will come out of the hole from sunset through midnight.


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