The Pyramid Butterflyfish is a common type of coral-reef fish that swims in schools.

In-Game Description

"These, brown, yellow and white fish gather around coral reefs and feed on floating plankton.


Plankton-eating fish have a comb-like structure in their gills that lets them filter out only the plankton from the water they take into their mouth. This lets them feed without even swallowing too much water."


Endless Ocean

Groups of Pyramid Butterflyfish can be seen almost everywhere, mostly around the Coral Forest, Lagoon, and Blue Holes.

Endless Ocean 2

These small fish are seen in multiple areas, with extensive populations in each:


These swim about in slow-moving schools. They seem to like being fed or petted.


  • This species, though considered nowhere near endangered or threatened, mostly eats plankton. This means that climate change and global warming, while killing plankton and other marine microorganisms, indirectly threatens this fish and other planktivores like it.

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