The Pyxis coin is one of the 100 Constellation Coins in Endless Ocean 2. It is found in the Zahhab Region near the Northernmost point of the South Crevasse of the Twin Crevasses, but not inside of the crevasse itself.

This coin is engraved with the Pyxis constellation, which represents the compass aboard the ship the Argo, and thus this coin is one of the four coins needed to complete the Voyages of the Argo quest. The other three coins are the Vela, Puppis, and Carina coins.


  • The name of the constellation "Pyxis" is abbreviated from "Pyxis Nautica", which is Latin for "Mariner's Compass".
  • In the night sky, this constellation is bordered by the constellations Hydra, Puppis, Vela and Antila.

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