This small circular area just off of the sandbank area in the Cortica River at co-ordinates A-4 is frequented by Peacock Bass and Amazonian Manatees, including, once unlocked, the legendary Mama Cortica. The surface is covered in duckweed in some areas, and the animals in here thrive, due to their separation from the dangerous carnivores of the river. 

Queen's Lake

The player must be rather far in-game to access this area, due to the fact that you need to have befriended a distinctive Amazon River Dolphin, one that is completely pink and requires several other quests to have been completed before it. You need to have tamed this dolphin in order to have the strength to move the fallen trees blocking the way, and saltwater dolphin partners cannot gather the strength, as fresh water is not their natural habitat.

The Pisces Coin is found here.