Randall's Pistol Shrimp is a form of shrimp.

In-Game Description

"This shrimp has a red and white candy-stripe pattern, ten legs and two sets of antennae. The first set of legs have claws, one small claw and one large claw that is used to make an intimidating noise.

It digs a nest in the sand on the seabed and lives in a symbiotic relationship with a goby.

[Amazing Cooperation]

This pistol shrimp's eyesight is particularly poor, so it struggles to detect threats. It escapes predators by allowing a goby to live in its burrow in exchange for warning it of danger.

The shrimp keeps its long antennae in contact with the goby, who will move its body or fins when it sees something dangerous, alerting the shrimp.

The burrow they share is large with many complex branching tunnels."


Endless Ocean

One is found in a zoom point on the right side of the rock pathway (or on the ground near it) leading to Coral Forest with a yellow watchman goby. They are also seen throughout Manoa Lai.

Endless Ocean 2

These are found in Gatama Atoll.


These small creatures are found under zoom-mode spots, hiding away in dens on sandy areas of the seafloor. They are often sharing their home with a Watchman Goby.


  • Watchman gobies, a shrimp's common partner. They come in shades of gray and yellow. (Top hole has pistol shrimp

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