The Razorbill is an arctic bird that appears in Endless Ocean: Blue World. It swims underwater with incredible maneuverability to catch its food, which is mostly small fish, like Capelin

In-game description

"This black-and-white seabird has a wingspan of about 2 ft., and at first glance, it looks like a penguin. It lives on cliffs near the sea and dives for its food."


Endless Ocean: Blue World

Razorbills are found in the North Coast of Canada area, at coordinates B-2 and C-4. The ones at coordinates B-2 swim through the water, and the ones at C-4 are seen on land.


While in the water, these seabirds swim about quickly, sometimes returning to the surface for air briefly before diving back into the water. On land, they are seen flying in to land on the ice for just a moment before taking off again. They like being offered food while on land.


  • This bird is not endangered, but it is listed as near-threatened by conservation organizations. The biggest threat to its populations is the destruction if its breeding sites (cliffs near the sea).
  • The Razorbill is the closest living relative to the extinct bird known as the Great Auk (which does not, sadly, appear in either of the Endless Ocean games).



Razorbill in Slow-Motion Underwater!04:09

Razorbill in Slow-Motion Underwater!

An amazing video of a razorbill's swimming abilities.

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