The Red-Spotted Blenny (Blenniella Chrysospilos) is a small fish that makes its home in crevices or cracks in rocks and coral. It can be seen in both Endless Ocean games.

It is often confused with the Red-Spotted Goby, due to the similar-sounding names.

In-Game Description

Length: Roughly four inches

Endless Ocean

"These fish have long, skinny bodies with protruding eyes and short snouts. They are usually white with countless red dots scattered all over and can be seen year-round at coral reefs all over Manoa Lai."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"This fish has a charming face with protruding eyes and countless red spots across its body. It lives in cracks in rock or coral and sticks its head out from its nest to survey its surroundings, moving its neck as if nodding agreeably. Its face and mannerisms make it popular with divers."


This small fish resides in cracks in rock and coral and retreats whenever it is startled or touched. It can be lured out and learned about with food.


In Endless Ocean, they can be found under zoom-mode glows in rocks or coral, practically anywhere in Manoa Lai.
Red-Spotted Blenny

A blenny that has made its home in a crevice in a rock.

In Endless Ocean: Blue World, they can be found almost everywhere in the central and Southwestern areas of the Zahhab Region.


  • This fish's in-game description in Endless Ocean is very similar to one of its relatives, the Rippled Rockskipper.

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