The Red-Spotted Goby is a small reef fish that makes its home in branched corals.

In-Game Description

"This bright yellow-green fish with a scattering of red spots lives between the branches of Acropora corals. After spawning, both parents protect the eggs until they hatch. Their young drift away on the ocean currents, and after floating for a short time, they establish themselves on a different coral.


This species was given the name rivulatus pending further classification to determine its correct scientific name. As a result, the current name only signifies that it belongs to the genus Gobiodon and is not its true scientific name."


Endless Ocean

Red-Spotted Gobies can be found in branched corals all around Manoa Lai, but they seem to prefer the Rock Bluff area and can be found more often there.

Endless Ocean 2

These small fish can be found in the Zahhab Region, under zoom-mode glows on branched corals at coordinates C-4, D-3, and E-1.


These small fish appear either alone or in pairs under zoom-mode glows. They oftentimes retreat back into the crevices of the branched corals they live in, but they can be lured out with food. The player can obtain their trivia information in the second game by feeding them.


  • Another common name for this species is the Broadbarred Goby.
  • Though they are often found living in branched corals, they also seem to favor hiding places in between and under rocks. these rocks, if covered in algae, may also serve as a food source.

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