The Red Cornetfish is a type of fish with a long body and narrow snout. It is known for its strange appearance.

In-Game Description

"This creature is often called names like 'flutemouth' due to its physical resemblance to the wind instrument. The suction power of its slender snout increases when sucking in and eating small creatures.

When dried out, the snout is used in Chinese medicine."


Endless Ocean

A group of Cornetfish can be found at night in Marige Atoll. They make their homes in the northern, maze-like areas and lounge about in the open corridors.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be found in Valka Castle, around coordinates D-3 NE, in the room with the map of the Circular Earth on the wall.


These fish float around in large, loose groups. The player can gain their favor by petting them and giving them food.


  • Other common names for this fish include the Riflefish and the Flutemouth. The former name is more commonly used in Japan.
  • This family of fish is related to seahorses. This is because they share the same taxonomic Order, Syngnathiformes.
  • This species mostly feed on small fish and shrimps, but they are known to investigate the substrate on the ocean floor from time to time to find things to eat there. However, they eat fish and shrimp more often.
  • Though this fish is not widely caught and eaten, it can oftentimes be found in local markets that are near its natural range.


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