The Red Piranha (known as the Red-Bellied Piranha in the European series) is a small species of piranha that is renowned for its aggressive behavior.

In-Game Description

"Named for its red underside, it also has razor-sharp teeth. There are many types of piranha, but this one is most like what people imagine them to be.

It eats other fish and small animals that fall into the water, and the sight of a large school feeding can be overwhelming.

[Not as Fierce as You Think...]

It has a reputation for being ferocious, but is actually quite cowardly. A healthy human or large animal is unlikely to be attacked. It is thought to swim in schools to protect itself from predators such as crocodiles and river dolphins.

Its large teeth are still dangerous, and touching it carelessly can result in serious injury."


Endless Ocean 2

The Red Piranha only appears in Endless Ocean 2. A massive shoal of them is exclusive to the Perilous Waters area of the Cortica River.


These fish swim in tight-knit shoals that contain large amounts of fish. They seem to prefer being fed over any other type of interaction. This is one way to avoid getting bitten by the creatures as the player swims through their territory, as the player can just swim though whilst constantly placing food in the water in front of them. This will distract the fish so that the player can pass safely through the shoal.


  • These fish are impossible to avoid interacting with, as the player is required to make their way through the Perilous Waters area as part of the mission that introduces them to the Cortica River map.
  • Despite this fish's reportedly aggressive behaviors and mannerisms, it is a popular aquarium fish, due to the fact that it is not nearly as aggressive as it is made out to be in the media. However, the water quality must be made sure to be kept clear more so than most other fish, as the Red Piranha is a messy eater and will scatter debris into the water around it.


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