The Red Stingray is a species of ray with the scientific name Dasyatis Akajei found in both games.

In-Game Description

"Its large diamond-shaped body ends in a long tail with a venomous sting. This species' stingers are hard, serrated and have high penetrative power. Not only are they difficult to remove, they also leave the edges of the wound badly torn.

[Mother's Milk]

Like the whale shark, this species is ovoviviparous, meaning that the eggs are incubated inside the mother's body. The embryo absorbs a highly nutritious substance secreted in the womb called uterine milk.

Embryos in the womb have their pectoral fins folded along their stomach."


Endless Ocean

Though this species can be seen scattered around various locations on the map, an easy-to-find one is near the Mermaid's Grotto (K- and L-7 on the map).

Endless Ocean 2

These are found scattered around the Ciceros Strait, Valka Castle and Zahhab Region areas.


They swim slowly around, either solitary or in small, loosely-packed groups, swimming in slow, small circles along the seafloor. When poked or petted, they flap their fins in protest, stirring up sand from the seafloor. Sometimes they are seen around their cousin, the Leopard Whipray.

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