The Remora is a small fish that cleans larger fish of parasites and other undesirable skin afflictions.

In-Game Description

"This fish possesses a distinctive sucker on its head which developed from one of its dorsal fins. It uses it to stick to larger fish, which allows it to move around without using much energy.

It feeds on parasites attached to the larger fish in return, so it can be described as a symbiotic relationship. It is sometimes found in the stomach of its host so its services may not always be so highly regarded."


Endless Ocean

A pair of Remoras swim directly beneath the Whale Shark near Knives Reef (Comb Reef).

Endless Ocean 2

Several of these are seen with the oversized Whale Shark in northwest Zahhab Region.


These comparatively small fish may be somewhat hard to spot and/or focus on next to the behemoths they clean. However, they do not move from the Whale Shark they are cleaning, so this makes it somewhat easier to keep track of them.


  • Another name for this creature is the Suckerfish, due to the fact that they attach themselves to other fish by using a sucker on their heads.