The Republic of Paoul (called the Pelago Commonwealth in the North American release of the game) is a new region introduced in Endless Ocean: Blue World. The Republic is a tropical Pacific region where pelagos serve as the currency. 

In-Game Description

"This small island nation has a population of about 18,000. It lies in the South Pacific, nestled within the multitude of islands that form Micronesia, and is made up of five main islands and a host of smaller ones. The capital is Ka'ai, on Rishu Island. 

The commonwealth is known for its wide variety of plant and animal life and stunning scenery. Of particular note are the waters around Manoa Lai, where a new species of whale was discovered about two years ago. The area is famous for having one of the greatest levels of biodiversity in the world, and it was recently officially recognized as a site of great ecological importance." 


  • The region of Micronesia is not fictional and is located north of countries like Australia and New Guinea. 
  • The Manoa Lai Sea is mentioned as a continuity nod to the first Endless Ocean
  • The "new species of whale" mentioned is very assumably the White Mother, which was indeed discovered in the waters around Manoa Lai. 
    • The timespace mentioned means that the events of Endless Ocean: Blue World take place about two years after the events of Endless Ocean. 

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