The Reticulum Coin is one of the one hundred Constellation Coins that the player can collect in Endless Ocean: Blue World. It can be found in Ciceros Strait in the very upper-right corner of the map at co-ordinates H-1, in the North Canyon area. Because the zoom-mode spot that this coin occupies is the only one located on that particular sandy stretch of seafloor bordering the map, it is not particularly difficult to locate. When the player accesses the zoom-mode spot containing this coin, they will also find a pair of Threadfin Butterflyfish making their homes there. The nearby sea life, aside from the fish under the glow, consists only of Red Stingrays and Clown Triggerfish (If the player is close enough to see the stingrays, then they should be able to see the zoom-mode glow).


  • The Reticulum constellation is meant to represent a reticle- the set of crosshairs at the end of a telescope used to map stars and constellations. The word "reticle" originates from the Latin word for "net".
  • In the night sky, Reticulum is a very small and faint constellation to the South.

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