The Ribbon Moray (known as the Ribbon Eel in the European version) is a large eel only seen in Endless Ocean 2.

In Game Description

"This striking member of the eel family is blue with a yellow mouth and dorsal fin. It also has a characteristic ribbon protruding from the front of its nose. Females are yellow, and young fish are black."


Endless Ocean: Blue World

The only Ribbon Eel in the game is found at the very bottom of Deep Hole in the small cave known as the Serpent's Lair because of its sole resident, which happens to be this eel.


This creature simply resides in its home, stationary.


  • The Ribbon Eel is the only member of its genus.
  • The Ribbon Eel, though kept in aquariums, does not often fare well in captivity, and may stop eating after capture. This means that people believe only fish-keepers with experience taking care of eels should be allowed to have them in aquaria. However, in large tanks such as the ones in public aquariums, there has been a higher success rate, and even instances of mating have been reported.
  • There is also a black variety of this species, but that is not mentioned in-game. These dark-coloured individuals were once considered to be a different species in the same genus as the Ribbon Eel, under the name R. amboinensis, but are now known to be the same species as the blue-and-yellow Ribbon Eel.

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