Ribbon seal swimming

Ribbon Seal
Type of animal: Seal
Species: Phoca Fasciata
Length: 5 ft 7 in
What it looks like: Brown seal with white circles around it
Location: North Coast of Canada (EO2)
Forms: Adult only

The Ribbon Seal is a species of marine mammal found only in Endless Ocean 2.

In-Game Description

These seals are black with distinctive white ribbon patterns around their bodies that are more pronounced in the males. The young, who are born on drift ice, are a pure white color for camouflage.


These are found in small groups in the North Coast of Canada, both in water and on land.


They are found swimming about in small, fairly tightly-knit groups around several ice holes. They can also be found on land, and respond well to petting and feeding.


  • Most seals that live on drift ice have white pups to blend in with the ice. Another example of this is the pups of the Harp Seal.


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