Rippled Rockskipper
The Rippled Rockskipper (Istiblennius Edentulus or Istiblennius Enosimae) is a small fish seen only under zoom-mode patches. It appears in both of the Endless Ocean games.

In-Game Description

Length: Roughly six inches

Endless Ocean

"Rippled Rockskippers have long, skinny bodies with protruding eyes and short snouts. They are brown with irregular, dark-lined patterns and can be seen year-round at coral reefs all over Manoa Lai."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"This fish's bluging eyes give it a certain charm when viewed head-on. As it inhabits rocky shores, it can get stranded in tide pools at low tide. If it is threatened, it jumps out of the water, skipping over rocks as it escapes to another tide pool."


These fish hide in crevices in rocky coral reefs, retreating when startled or touched. They can be lured out and learned about with food.


In Endless Ocean, they can be found under zoom-mode glows in rocks or coral, practically anywhere in Manoa Lai.

In Endless Ocean: Blue World, they are found in Gatama Atoll, around coordinate areas B-7, B-8, and E-8.


  • The Rippled Rockskipper's in-game description in the fisrt Endless Ocean is very similar to that of one of its relatives, the Red-Spotted Blenny.

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