Rock Bluff Formation 1

One of Rock Bluff's characteristic narrow-hallway formations.

Rock Bluff
 is a landmark in Endless Ocean. A large, mazelike rocky area, Rock bluff (known as Rock Land in the European version of Endless Ocean) is home to the usual small species of fish, like Sailfin Tang and Longnose Butterflyfish. However, some larger and/or rarer sea life lives here as well, including Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks, Bowmouth Guitarfish, Japanese Bullhead Sharks and Olive Flounders. The Humpback Whale can be found swimming somewhat near to this area as well.

Rock Bluff also contains two unmarked-on-the-map landmarks: the Gallery of Souls and the Spirit House. These themselves contain treasures: The Cassette and, later, the Ancient Bracelet, in the Gallery of Souls, and one piece of the Storyboard treasure in the Spirit House.


  • A view upwards from inside one of Rock Bluff's distinctive narrow rock hallway formations.
  • The entrance to a rock hallway formation.
  • A view from above into one of Rock Bluff's narrow hallways.