Rockhopper Penguin

Rockhopper Penguin
Type of animal: Penguin
Species: E. Chrysocome
Length: 55.88 cm/1 ft. 10 in.
What it looks like: A small black bird, with a white belly, and yellow eyebrows
Location: Weddell Sea, Antarctic Ocean (EO2)
Forms: Adult and young

The Rockhopper Penguin is a penguin found in Endless Ocean: Blue World.


Weddell Sea, Antarctic Ocean, A-4 on shore, and C-4 SE and D-4 S in water.

In Game Description

"This penguin is easily recognized by the distinctive, eyebrow like decorative feathers above its eyes and the way it hops around. Males show a unique behavior known as a display, where they stick out their neck, raise their beak to the sky, and sing while swinging their head in an arc from side to side. This is thought to be a way of marking territory and establishing themselves as males."


These are found mostly roaming around in loose groups on land and in water. Sometimes with other penguins and seals.


  • These can be found both day and night.
  • Lovelace, a character in the Warner Bros. film Happy Feet, is a rockhopper penguin.
  • Also, Cody, the main character of the Sony Pictures animated film Surf's Up, is a rockhopper.

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