The Sagitta Coin, one of the one hundred Constellation Coins in Endless Ocean: Blue World, is located in Ciceros Strait at coordinates E-1 in the North Canyon area of the map, at a depth of 35 meters (or roughly 115 feet). It is found on a flat, sandy stretch of seafloor, and within its zoom-mode spot are several clownfish and a Festive Sea Slug.


  • This constellation's name translates from Latin to English as "arrow".
  • This constellation is actually the third-smallest constellation in the night sky, by area. Only the constellations Equuleus and Crux are smaller.
  • In the night sky, the Sagitta constellation is bordered by the constellations Vulpecula, Hercules, Aquila, and Delphinus. The constellation upon this coin is part of the larger constellation Sagittarius.

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