The player's Salvager's Intuition is similar to their Diving Level in that it increases over time. However, instead of increasing from the player just diving, the Salvager's Intuition increases when the player salvages sunken underwater treasures (which are detected using the Multisensor). The higher the level of the player's Intuition, the more likely the items they find will be on the higher end of the value spectrum, and the more often they will find these high-value items.

The higher the player's Intuition, the more likely an odd phenomenon will occur: if the player finds a high-value item, a bolt of what looks like electricity can appear across the screen for a moment (with no sound effect). This signifies that the item the player has found is of at least medium-high value and is thus more worth salvaging than, say, a Stone or a Toy Ring.

The above phenomenon is known to freak out newer players, as they may think it is a glitch or error of some kind. It has been reported by multiple players that it startled them at first.

When the player's Intuition level increases, Nancy will tell them as much, and give them a gift, usually an item that the player can decorate their Private Reef with.

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