The Samurai Squirrelfish (scientific name Sargocentron ittodai) is a small, mainly reddish-orange fish found in both Endless Ocean games.


"Though the name is impressive, these fish resemble neither samurai nor squirrels. Instead, they have long, narrow bodies with two-pronged tail fins and bright red bodies. They also boast striking white markings along the fins and tail."


Endless Ocean

Samurai Squirrelfish are easiest to find in the Lagoon during the fall, though they have been known to inhabit other areas.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

These fish can be found in medium-sized groups all over the Ciceros Strait and Valka Castle areas.


  • The basic description of this creature is one of the few that is the same in both games.
  • Fish in the genus Sargocentron (the one this fish is in) often have spines near the gill-openings that are venomous and can dish out highly painful wounds.
    • Despite this, these fish pose no threat to the player and are not aggressive.
Sammurai squirrelfish

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