The Sand Tiger (known as the Grey Nurse Shark in the European series) is a gray shark with a stocky body, and an underslung mouth with many teeth pointing in all directions.

In-Game Description

"This shark has a fearsome face but is actually relatively mild-mannered. However, the International Shark Attack File, which collects information on shark attacks, does list it as dangerous. If you meet one, it's best not to provoke it."


Endless Ocean 2

Large groups of Sand Tigers can be found in Ciceros Strait, around coordinates C/G-1, C/D-3, and G-6.


These sharks swim in large groups, making them hard to miss.


  • Though Sand Tigers may resemble Great White Sharks, they are harmless and much less aggressive.
  • An alternate name for the Sand Tiger is the Spotted Ragtooth.
  • In real life, Sand Tigers swallow air, then burp to control buoyancy.

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