The Scalloped Hammerhead (Hammerhead Shark in the European version) is a shark with distinctively-shaped head (that resembles a hammer, hence its name)

In-Game Description

"Named for its distinctive head, which protrudes to the left and right. Its eyes and nostrils are at the very end of each side and it is said to have heightened senses of smell and sight. Its unique shape also acts like a rudder, giving it the ability to turn sharply. It dislikes the noise of divers' exhaled bubbles and generally will not approach them, but this does not mean there is no risk of attack and caution is necessary."


Endless Ocean

It can be found in rocky areas, especially Rock Land.

Endless Ocean 2

This large animal can be found in Ciceros Strait (in the North Canyon area) and Valka Castle (in the Spiral Tower). At night, a group can be found near Amphitrite's Sanctuary.


These large creatures are not harmful to the player and they swim about in seemingly random patterns.


  • This is one of Jean-Eric's favorite creatures.
  • Anchor, one of Bruce's friends in the Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo, is a scalloped hammerhead. The other friend, Chum, is a shortfin mako.


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