The Scorpius Coin is a coin found in Gatama Atoll's Deep Hole area, at the very bottom, inside of the cave known as Hidden Cavern that previously housed a Pygmy Sperm Whale. The Scorpius coin is a part of the Signs of the Zodiac coin-collection mission.

Within the coin's zoom spot are also a couple of young Emperor Angelfish.


  • The constellation Scorpius is represented (somewhat obviously) by a Scorpion. This is the constellation that went with the Zodiac sign Scorpio, despite having a different name.
  • In Greek mythology, Scorpio was a scorpion sent by Artemis and her mother Leto as punishment for bragging about his hunting skills. Though the scorpion won, the battle between them was lively enough to catch the attention of Zeus, and so he raised them both into the stars.
  • Another myth about Scorpius was that it was a massive celestial scorpion that scared the son of Helios, Phaeton (who was at the time driving the out-of-control Sun Chariot), into driving too close to the earth, meaning that Helios had to strike him down with a lightning bolt, casting Phaeton into the river Eridanus.

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