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Sea butterfly

Sea Butterfly
Type of animal: Sea Snail
Species: Limacina helicina
Length: 1.5 cm/1 in
What it looks like: A small snail with a tentacle
Location: North Coast of Canada (EO2)
Forms: Adult only

The Sea Butterfly is a small type of sea animal

In-Game Description

"This member of the mollusc family has parapodia, special wing-like legs, that it uses to swim while floating.

It is related to the sea angel, but preyed upon by it."


Endless Ocean 2

North Coast of Canada, B-1SW, C-1SW, D-2SE, D-3NW, B-4NE


These float in loose groups


  • These are very tiny and very hard to see, so players must look carefully.
  • These are found both day and night


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