The Sea Butterfly is a species of marine zooplankton. It only appears in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"This member of the mollusc family has parapodia, special wing-like legs, that it uses to swim while floating.

It is related to the sea angel, but preyed upon by it."


Endless Ocean 2

The player can find small groups of Sea Butterflies inder zoom-mode glows in the North Coast of Canada area, around coordinates B-1 SW, C-1 SW, D-2 SE, D-3 NW, and B-4 NE.


These small creatures float about idly in loose groups under their zoom-mode patches. They like being given food.


  • These creatures are extremely small and somewhat hard to see, so players often have to look carefully to spot them. It is also recommended that the player bring Oceana with them when searching for this creature in order to make the zoom-mode spots visible in the first place,
  • This species was at first thought to occur in both the Arctic and Antarctic zones of the planet, but around 2010 it was discovered that the species found around the south pole are a different species entirely than the ones found at the north, with the scientific name Limacina Rangii being applied to the ones in Antarctica. The ones the player finds in-game are the northern variety.


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