The Sea Goldie is a small coral reef fish notable for its bright colouration.

In-Game Description

"This vivid orange fish often gathers in large schools near coral reefs, and females far outnumber males in the group; this species has more females than males overall.

Males have distinctive characteristics such as a red-violet pattern on their pectoral fins and elongated thread-like tips on their fins.

Try finding the males in a school if you see them near sea anemones.

[Yesterday's Mom, Today's Dad]

Young sea goldies are all born female and become male when they are fully grown. Not all females become males; only large females change sex .10 - 30% of fish in a large school are male while small schools may only have a single male."


Endless Ocean

Sea Goldies are found swimming in schools and under glows around corals and barrel sponges, all over the Manoa Lai Sea.

Endless Ocean 2

Schools of these fish appear in Ciceros Strait and Zahhab Region. They can also be found under zoom-mode glows in both regions.


In the overworld, these fish swim about slowly in large, somewhat loose groups. Under zoom-mode glows, they can sometimes be seen coexisting with other species.

These fish like food.


  • Other common names for this fish include Lyretail Coralfish, Lyretail Anthias, and Scalefin Anthias. As it is a part of the anthias family of fishes, this makes it related to species like the Purple Queen and the Swallowtail Sea Perch.

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