The Sea Otter is one of several types of otter. The only other type of otter that appears in the endless Ocean games is the Giant Otter.

In-Game Description

"It has the densest fur of all mammals, with approximately one billion individual hairs.

There are two types of hairs; guard hairs are long and thick while down hair is soft and thin. It can insulate itself from the cold and create buoyancy by trapping air between its hairs.

It grooms its fur frequently to maintain its effectiveness.

[Hidden Pouches]

The sea otter's armpit skin forms deep pocket-like pouches. It catches shellfish underwater and places them in these pouches to carry them safely to the surface. Once there it places them on its stomach, breaks them open with stones and eats them.

It eats between 20 - 30% of its body weight in a single day, so although it may not look like it, it has quite an appetite. It must eat large quantities of food to keep itself warm in cold waters, so it is not eating out of pure gluttony.


Endless Ocean

These creatures (along with young ones occasionally) are found floating in water near your boat.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

One or two of them will be found floating in water on the D-2 Northeast ice hole in the North Coast of Canada. You will have to go ashore to see them


They float around, alone or with young otters.


  • These are hard to find in the first game, as they float alongside your boat near the gangplank, where you play with dolphins.
  • Reggie Belanfonte, a character in the Sony Animated film Surf's Up, is a sea otter.


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