The Sea Robin (also known as the Red Gurnard) is a small fish that lives on coral reefs

In-Game Description

"Easily recognised by its angular head and striking green pectoral fins spotted with small blue flecks. It can make a croaking noise by vibrating its swim bladder.

[Useful Spines]

It has three finger-like spines, evolved from other fins, underneath each pectoral fin.

They can be used like legs to walk on the seafloor, and also to find the crustaceans and worms it feeds on; they contain special sensory organs that can find prey hidden in the sandy sea bed."


Endless Ocean

Sea Robins are seen all over the sea during winter, but can also be seen year-round in the Marige Atoll Ruins, near the entrance that is at coordinates F-4. They will be found swimming close to the ocean floor in the general vicinity.

Endless Ocean 2

These are found in Ciceros Strait and Valka Castle. In Ciceros Strait, these are found in a stationary group around coordinates C/D/E-1 and G-4/8.

In Valka Castle, there are about 3 or 4 in a group in the doorway leading to the first Luna Lionfish room, and there is one more near the doorway leading to the Map Room (in the Underwater Gallery).


These medium-sized fish swim about aimlessly, staying near the ocean floor. They like being petted and being fed and their trivia is obtained by, strangely enough, using the Sea Whistle in their general vicinity.


  • During the wintertime (in EO) and in Valka Castle (EO2), these fish can be found day and night. However, everywhere else (In the Ruins and in Ciceros Strait), they are only found at night.
  • It is unknown why the Sea Whistle seems to appeal to this species of fish, as they do not have any special organs or uses of sound that greatly impact their behavior.

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