The Sea Serpent is a legendary creature seen only in Endless Ocean 2. It makes an appearance as a fossil in Endless Ocean.

In-Game Description

"A gigantic plesiosaur? If it really is one, this aquatic reptile survived extinction in the Cretaceous period. But nothing is known for certain, and it's possible that people just imagined seeing it.

[Unidentified Marine Animals]

There have been thousands of reports of dinosaurs or snakes lurking in the ocean depths since the beginning of the 20th century. One of these was an animal resembling a plesiosaur found in the waters off New Zealand in 1977. It was dubbed the New Nessie as its corpse looked like that of a dinosaur. It was also said to be the remains of a basking shark, but nobody knows for sure."


Endless Ocean

A plesiosaur fossil is embedded on the wall to the right of the hydrothermal heat vents in the Graveyard in The Abyss. There is an uncertainty as to whether it could be seen earlier in the game or only discoverable after the recovery of the two Deity Idol fragments from Marige Atoll.

Endless Ocean 2

It can be seen in Ciceros Strait in South Canyon, swimming outside of the diving range where it cannot be focused on. As a result of this inability, the player receives both the basic information and trivia upon the first encounter with this creature.

How to Find It

[WARNING: This section contains spoilers to a post-game quest in Endless Ocean: Blue World.]

After one of the parts in the Young Entrepreneur quest, the player will unlock a quest in their notebook telling of reports of "a dark shadow in southern Ciceros Strait" that the player must investigate with Oceane.

As soon as you swim to the southern limits of Ciceros Strait's Southern Canyon, a cutscene will play, showing the strange creature, and the player will obtain its information and trivia, as well as completing the quest in their notebook.


  • As one of the three super-legendary and long-extinct creatures in Endless Ocean 2 (The other two being the Anomalocaris and the Cameroceras), this does not appear in your encyclopedia as a silhouette and only appears after you have found it.
  • Technically, this Sea Serpent is not a serpent at all; it is actually most likely a prehistoric member of the order Plesiosauria, bearing a close resemblance to an Elasmosaurus. If that is indeed the species it is the most closely related to, it would have presumably have gone extinct towards the end of the late Cretaceous period, about 80.5 million years ago.
  • After this creature has been first encountered, it can be seen only in the daytime.
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