Secret Lake 2

The Secret Lake is a small inlet of the Manoa Lai Sea. It is a landmark in the first Endless Ocean game.

Local Life

Inside the Lake is an abundance of small fish, including Clown Anemonefish and Longnose Butterflyfish, all surrounding the central rock that is covered in corals. There are a few zoom-mode spots that are also home to several fish.

Occasionally, the player will get an email about something called a "Tanga Day", where the currents change and many of a single kind of fish appear suddenly in the Lake. These can include smaller fish, such as Blue Tang or Green Chromis, or larger creatures, like Red Stingrays.

Secret Lake 1

Location and Geography

The player can access Secret Lake from the Dancing Stage of Kua Tua, an unmarked area on the map. The Lake itself is located at coordinates J-9.

Within the Lake, near the central rock, is a piece of the Pirate's Compass, all four pieces of which are needed to find the Pirate Ship.