The Serpens Coin is found in the Cavern of the Gods at co-ordinates C-2, only appearing after the cavern has been re-opened. This coin's "blip" is found in front of the statue of Osiris, the Northwestern-most one of the four altars found around the temple. In the coin's blip are also two Striped White Sea Slugs.


  • The Serpens Constellation is actually a smaller part of the constellation Ophiuchus, which consists of the ancient healer Asclepius holding his healing snake, Serpens.
    • As snakes shed their skins every year, they were well-known in many ancient cultures as a symbol of regrowth and rebirth.
    • The Rod of Asclepius is a symbol of healing, and represents Asclepius' powers of mending the ill. The snake, obviously, represents how he healed: Using snake venom, supposedly from Serpens.
  • The constellation upon this coin is unique among modern constellations in that it is split into two halves: Serpens Caput, the Serpent Head, to the west, and Serpens Cauda, the Serpent Tail, to the east. The Ophiuchus constellation lies between the two halves of the snake.

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