Short-Beaked Common Dolphin Partner

Short-Beaked Common Dolphin Partner

The Short-Beaked Common Dolphin Partner is the first dolphin partner you befriend in Endless Ocean 2
Short-Beaked Common Dolphin Partner Tail

The golden tail of the Short-Beaked Common Dolphin partner


This friendly dolphin with its distinctive golden tail fin is a member of the L&L Diving Team.

It is fascinated by small stones and spheres and is always looking for them.


This dolphin swims with the other Common Dolphins at Dolphin Island in Gatama Atoll, but he seems to have taken a liking to the residents on Nineball Island, as he seems to visit quite frequently.

How to Befriend it

Nothing tricky about befriending this dolphin at all. Oceane will introduce this dolphin to you at the beginning of the story's main plot and you will befriend it.

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