The Silver Arowana is a large species of freshwater fish

In-Game Description

"This fish is covered with large, shiny silver scales. It doesn't just hunt underwater, but will also target prey close to the water and jump out to eat them in one bite.

Beauty For a Price

Arowana live in the Amazon River, with some varieties found in Australia and Indonesia.

The Asian arowana, with its beautiful red or gold colouring, is highly sought after as an aquarium fish and traded for large sums of money.

Particularly fine fish are said to cost as much as a luxury car. Species in the wild are protected by the Washington Treaty, so fish you see being sold are bred in captivity."


Endless Ocean 2

Silver Arowanas can be found inhabiting the Midstream area of Endless Ocean 2's Cortica River map, scattered around various parts of the river past the Perilous Waters area.


These fish swim slowly about, usually quite close to the surface of the water, and they life being fed and stroked. The player can gain access to this creature's trivia by feeding it.


  • This is one of GG's favorite creatures.
  • Another common name for this fish is the Monkey Fish, owing to the fact that they can jump out of the water to capture their prey. They are also sometimes called Dragon Fish because their shiny, armour-like scales and the two barbels on their chin are reminiscent of dragons in Asian folklore.
  • Unlike its cousin the Black Arowana, the Silver Arowana keeps its colouration throughout its entire life.

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