The Singular Bannerfish is a small coral reef fish with the scientific name Heniochus Singularius. They are seen in both Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

"These fish have narrow, elliptical bodies with narrow dorsal fins that extend upward. they are striped in various shades of white and black, with yellow tail, dorsal, and pectoral fins. They can be seen year-round at coral reefs all over Mania Lai."

Endless Ocean:Blue World

"This fish can easily be identified by its altering white and black pattern and elongated dorsal fin. It also has a small protrusion above its eyes. the length of a young bannerfish’s dorsal fin is about the same length as its body, distinguishing it from other fish. "

[Aquatic Garden]

"When people picture the Southern Oceans, they often imagine an inhospitable  environment with few nutrients or plankton. Coral reefs are an exception to this. Plankton flourish in these areas, eating the nutrients released by the coral. A food cycle is based on other creatures eating this plankton, and an aquatic garden packed with life develops."


In Endless Ocean, these fish are found nearly everywhere there is a place for them to hide, but coral reefs are the most prevalent location (Such as the Lagoon).

In Endless Ocean: Blue World, they are found nearly everywhere in Gatama Atoll and Deep Hole.


These fish are always found under zoom-mode glows. While there, they swim idly in circles, doing nothing different when poked or petted.

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