Sloping Hallway 1

The Sloping Hallway is a stretch of sandy sea floor in Western Manoa Lai, so named for its definitive incline.

Local Life

The Hallway isn't populated by very many kinds of fish, though zoom-mode glows in the Slope are home to Spotted Garden Eels and Black Garden Eels. At night, a solitary Manta Ray patrols the lane, as well as a Whale Shark that swims about nearby in a large circular pattern. The most notable instance of sea life here, however, must be the pod of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins that swim about in the area.

Location and Geography

Surrounded by short stone walls on either side, this wide lane just east of Knives Reef seems to have nothing topographical, geological, or geographical of note here besides the rock formations closing it in. Located in Western Manoa Lai, between co-ordinates E-4 and E-5, the Sloping Hallway is known as the Entryway Slope in the North American release of Endless Ocean. It is unknown what the "entryway" part of this area's North American name is referring to, though perhaps the fact that the Slope leads to an almost room-like rock structure, albeit without a ceiling, could be what earned it that moniker.