This pair of icebergs is home to a flock of Emperor Penguins, who can be seen on top during the day. If you go to this area during sunset, you can find Big Bobby. Rockhoppers are found here during a snowstorm. In the water below, you can find numerous other penguin species. At a depth of 75 feet below this, you must use the Pulsar on a great white shark, to get past it and nab the ancient ice, during the mission "Ancient Ice".

In your notebook, these 'bergs are described as follows:

"This set of small icebergs is found in the Southwest of the Weddell Sea.

The icebergs are a hunting ground for Emperor Penguins, which are at risk of extinction because of the effects of global warming.

A number of other penguin species have also claimed part of these icebergs as their own."

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