Snappy (Caiman)

An image of Snappy swimming through King Amaru's Aqueduct.

Snappy is an aggressive Spectacled Caiman.

Endless Ocean 2

Snappy is an exceptionally aggressive caiman inhabiting the Cortica River that makes only one appearance.

Your diver and GG go into the Twilight Temple to search for the Pacifica Treasure, instead finding one of the Okeanos Tablets. Then, you hear The Song of Dragons, which is said to bring misfortune. Snappy then makes his only appearance and comes swimming up in King Amaru's Aqueduct, trying to attack your diver and GG, but is calmed with the Pulsar.


  • Other caimans are only aggressive with young. Snappy is still aggressive, even without a young caiman.
  • It's possible Snappy returned to the Cortica River sandbanks with the other Caimans after the events of the main story.
  • Although Snappy's name is never mentioned in the game, the official website states his name to be Snappy.

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