Snowball (known as Snowy in the European release) is an albino Rockhopper Penguin found in the Weddell Sea of Endless Ocean: Blue World after following a specific mission.

In-Game Description

"Rockhopper penguins are normally clearly distinguished by their two-tone colouring, so this albino female looks like she belongs to a different species. Albinos are rare, but all the other penguins in her group seem to support her despite her difference. Hayako was the first to notice her, and she named the albino Snowy and is following her progress.

[Albinos - Sacred or Evil?]

Albinism is caused by a genetic lack of melanin, which is needed for pigmentation. In most cases this leads to eye problems such as poor vision or over-sensitivity to light, and sometimes other physical weaknesses. A lack of natural camouflage can also leave albinos more vulnerable to predators.

As albinos are so rare, they have long been considered either as sacred or as evil omens."

Albino Penguin3

An image of an albino penguin in real life.


Endless Ocean 2

After the player has finished the quest titled "Fragments of Memory", a new quest will appear in their notebook titled "Research Subject", in which Hayako will ask the player if they can go to the Weddell Sea in order to take a picture of Snowball. The subject in question will appear at coordinates A-4 NW on top of the iceberg located there, but only during a snowstorm.


After the player has seen her for the first time, she will appear on top of the iceberg from then on during both the daytime and nighttime, but only if there is a blizzard raging. She simply walks about slowly among the other, normally-coloured rockhopper penguins that stay there. The player can obtain her in-game trivia my taking a picture of her.


  • When there is not a snowstorm happening in the Weddell Sea, if the player goes ashore on this iceberg, they will see the legendary Emperor Penguin known as Big Bobby instead of seeing Snowball.
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