The South American Sea Lion is a species of sea lion present in Endless Ocean 2. They have a length of 8 feet, 2 inches, and their scientific name is Otaria Flavescens.

In Game Description

"This sea lion has brown hair with a black tint and a thick layer of blubber underneath its skin. The male sea lion also has a light brown mane around its neck. It primarily eats fish and squid, though it has also been known to eat penguins.

[Golden Opportunities]

The South American sea lion breeds on the Valdez Peninsula in Argentina. During their mating season, large numbers gather, presenting a golden opportunity for breeding. Sharks also appear in droves at this time, attacking sea lions near the shore. Although this is not unusual in itself, it means that sharks know to gather at the same time for their own golden opportunity to hunt."


The South American sea lion is found in the Weddell Sea, in the water mostly around the Southern half of the map. On land, they are found at the very top-left corner of the map, at A-1, and also at B-4.


On land, they move around a bit and appreciate being pet and fed. In water, they swim around, sometimes surfacing for air, and like being stroked.


  • The common name of this creature also applies to the species Otaria Byronia.
  • The South American sea lion females are usually smaller than the males.


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