South Canyon 1
South Canyon
is one of the multiple locations of note in Endless Ocean: Blue World's Ciceros Strait. It is well-known for its unique array of sea life, as well as many creatures that are exclusive to the area. There are also multiple shipwrecks in this area, further adding to the appeal.

The marker on the map for this location is at coordinates F-8 on the map. It has a sister canyon, the North Canyon, that is only similar in that both areas are canyons; North Canyon has more coral and sea life that leans more towards small coral fish and medium-sized predatory fish, like Indo-Pacific Sailfish and Hammerhead Sharks.

The sea life in the South Canyon is mostly comprised of medium-to-large sea life, including aggressive Great White Sharks that patrol the shipwreck at coordinates H-7. Among those sharks is the legendarily aggressive Thanatos, so players exploring this area are advised to be extremely cautious.

As well as Thanatos, another legendary creature can be seen just outside of the map at coordinates D-8: The mysterious and enigmatic Sea Serpent. However, this creature can only be seen if the map for Ciceros Strait has been completed.

  • A shipwreck in the South Canyon, left almost completely whole.
  • A close-up view of the moss on a shipwreck, as well as the Canyon's floor dropping off into the deeper areas of the sea.
  • The North Atlantic Right Whale that makes its home around this area passes through here.