The Southern Bottlenose Whale is a large whale found in the icy, cold waters of the Antarctic Ocean in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"This species has a rounded head with a thin snout, making it look like a bottle's neck. Several hundred thousand are believed to live in the Antarctic Ocean.

A closely related species, the northern bottlenose whale, lives in the northern hemisphere."


Endless Ocean 2

These creatures can be found in the Weddell Sea, around coordinates B-3SE, C-3SW, D-3SW, B-4NE, C-4NW and D-4W, around a depth of 15 ft (5 m)


They swim in slow, solitary circuits in a seemingly random pattern. They like the sound of the Sea Whistle and can be grabbed onto.


  • There is a cutscene featuring them when you first find them. In it, they swim past you. Hayako comments that they are not rare, it is just that the Antarctic has so few people that there is no one around to see them. After that, you can focus upon them to obtain their information.


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