The Spartan Treasure is a salvageable item in Endless Ocean 2. It is made out of stone, metal and high-density materials when scanned using the Multisensor.

In-Game Description

"Treasure looted by Spartans, inhabitants of a city-state in ancient Greece and renowned for their military might."


This unique salvage item can be found using the clues in the quest titled "Spartan Treasure Rumor" in their notebook. It is located in Ciceros Strait in the Forgotten Cavern, but only at night, only on the night of a full moon, and only when the player is diving with GG. It is the final part of the quest entitled "Pride of the Salvage King", so the player must have completed the main storyline before attempting to find this treasure.

Appraisal Reward

The appraisal reward for finding this item is eleven thousand and one-hundred pelagos. Nancy Young also gives the player the "Casks" item as a gift, which they can use as a decoration on their Private Reef.

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