Iceberg Crack

Crystal Globe

Special Iceberg A-sm16p is the largest iceberg in the Weddell Sea in Endless Ocean: Blue World. the majority of its area is found within coordinate C-2, and the entrance to several Ice Caves can be found pockmarked all over the iceberg's surface, including Lower Ice Cave 3, which is the entrance to Iceberg Cavern, which contains the Crystal Globe and the Hall of Radiance

At one point in the main storyline, Hayako Sakurai and the player character must investigate what they believe is the Song of Dragons emanating from somewhere inside this iceberg. The source of the false Song ends up being a dazed Spectacled Porpoise, which the player heals, and then befriends

In your notebook, the area's description reads:

"Found to the northeast of the Weddell Sea, this iceberg's soaring, towerlike column of ice is only a small part of the whole frozen, floating mass."

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