The Spectacled Caiman is the only species of Caiman that appears in either of the Endless Ocean games. This creature only appears in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"Its name comes from the ridges between its eyes that makes it look as if it's wearing glasses.

It lays several dozen eggs at a time in a single nest, and the mother stays nearby to look after the hatched young.

[Protective Crocs]

Hatchlings give out a high-pitched cry as soon as they break out of their eggs. When the mother hears them, she runs to the nest and digs to help them get out. If the hatchlings cry out when threatened by a predator, their mother will come to their defence immediately and fight ferociously.

Not only will other spectacled caiman nearby react in the same way, but even different species have been known to help protect the young."


Endless Ocean 2

Spectacled Caimans can be found all throughout the middle section of the Cortica River Midstream, from Perilous Waters to the Western Sandbank. Some of these like to lounge about on top of the Western Sandbank rather than in the waters around it.


The ones in the river swim around slowly, patrolling the areas around the two islands that sit in the Midstream. These ones often have young accompanying them, and may behave aggressively because of this; however, they can be calmed with the Pulsar. The ones on-shore are not aggressive.

The player can obtain this creature's trivia information by offering any specimen some food.


  • The Caimans only appear on-shore on the Western Sandbank. The other island is occupied by Giant Otters.
  • Other common names for this creature include White Caiman or Common Caiman. The latter of the two comes from the species' remarkable adaptability to a wide range of environments (including both salt and fresh water), which makes it the most common of all crocodilian species, not just caimans.