Spiral Tower

Spiral Tower as seen from the bottom

The Spiral Tower is the first major area encountered in Valka Castle. It is a large tower that features various levels, as well as a large shoal of Scalloped Hammerheads (which pose no danger to the player). The top of the tower is above-water, which can be seen if the player surfaces there. At the bottom of the tower, a group of Octopi make their homes.

Hallways leading to the main rooms of the castle and the destroyed Collapsed Gallery can be accessed from this area.

In-Game Description

"This cylindrical shaft connects the base of the well in Triton Village to Valka Castle. This narrow structure has several species living in it, grouped into a number of distinct layers. Looking up through the tower gives an amazing view of their dancing silhouettes."


  • When the player hears rumors of a dark shadow that haunts the castle, this is the first location they are told to investigate.
  • This area's name is fairly misleading, because although the different levels of the tower provide the illusion of a spiral, the tower is not actually shaped like a spiral.