The Splendid Alfonsino is a small species of fish that prefers to make its home in deep-sea areas.

In-Game Description

"This red fish can be identified by its large golden eyes.

Though normally seen as nothing more than a menu item, primitive bones found in its skull have led people to believe that this fish has existed for approximately one hundred million years. It is a fine example of an ancient fish.

[Golden Eyes]

Inside the eyes of the splendid alfonsino is a tissue known as the tapetum. This tissue reflects light entering the eye and stimulates the photoreceptive cells in the eye a second time, helping the fish to see using the limited amount of light that reaches the dark sea depths.

The light reflected by the tapetum gives the eyes their golden color."


Endless Ocean

These fish are found in the Abyss, very close to the area that transports players back to the overworld if they swim into it. It is advised that players be careful that they don't accidentally swim out of the Abyss while getting this fish's information.

Endless Ocean 2

These are found all throughout the Zahhab Region Depths. A large, easy-to-find shoal can be seen swimming around the Giant's Lair.


The Splendid Alfonsino floats around in medium-large, loose shoals. They seem to like being fed, as well as responding positively to the light from the Underwater Pen. They are one of the fish that start following the player around if fed, at least in Endless Ocean.


  • This fish is a common fish in the commercial fishing business, but they are often distributed under different names, such as imperador, red bream, and Tasmanian snapper.

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