The Spot-Billed Pelican is a species of pelican that only appears in the first Endless Ocean game. It is the only known creature that appears in the first game without appearing in the second.

In-Game Description

"These birds have extremely large and unusual beaks. The upper portion extends in a straight line, but the area from the lower half to the throat hangs down like a large pouch. They are white with black on the ends of the wings and back. Spot-billed pelicans may appear on your boat from time to time.

They have a wingspan of over 7 feet and the largest beak of any bird-- measuring in at a whopping 20 inches. They also have webbed toes.

When mating season arrives, their beaks turn a vivid pink and their throat pouches become red. They attract prospective mates by shaking their coloured throats. After a successful display, they will retreat to their nests in woods near the shore and proceed to mate."


Endless Ocean

The player can find one to three Spot-Billed Pelicans standing on the deck of the Gabbiano from time to time. If the player parks their boat roughly around coordinates H-7, H-8, I-7, or I-8, and then dives, there will most likely be one of these birds on deck when they return to the boat.


These large seabirds stand on the deck of the Gabbiano, sometimes flapping their wings or preening. They will also open their beaks to chatter a little bit when the player approaches them.

The player can earn their favor by petting and poking them.


  • True to the name of this species, the area close to the tip of the beak often sports dark brownish-grey spots. However, this is not easy to spot on the in-game model.
  • Though this creature is not endangered, it is listed as being "near threatened", a classification that warrants protection to prevent it from becoming vulnerable.
  • These birds oftentimes hunt on their own, but they have been known to hunt in small flocks. This is in contrast to one of their cousins, the White Pelican, which is known to form large flocks for breeding and hunting.

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