The Spotted Garden Eel is a species of eel that appears in both of the games in the Endless Ocean series.

In-Game Description

"This eel has a long, slender white body covered in spots, which are particularly large and noticeable around the gills.

It lives in groups and buries the lower half of its body in the sand near coral reefs. It faces the tide and feeds on plankton swept out to sea in the morning.

It will sometimes move around to find a more suitable area to live in.


Eels have a larval form known as leptocephalus, where their young have a slender, ribbon-like body. These larvae do not resemble adults, but as they develop, their body becomes 20 - 50% shorter and cylindrical, and they gradually become miniature versions of their adult form."


Endless Ocean

These small, shy eels can be seen under zoom-mode patches in the sandy areas of Green Garden.

Endless Ocean 2

These fish can be found in the sandy, flat areas of central Zahhab Region, usually with their cousins, the Black Garden Eel.
Garden Eel

A real spotted garden eel.


They are found under glows, by themselves, or with one or two Black Garden Eels.


  • These can be found day and night in both games.
  • This is one of Oceane's favorite creatures.

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