The Spotted Seal (Phoca Largha) is a marine mammal that can be seen in both of the Endless Ocean games. Specimens respond well to petting and food, especially on land, and can be occassionally be seen with pups.
Spotted Seal

A Spotted Seal, in-game.

In-Game Description

Length: Roughly 6 feet.

Endless Ocean

These creatures have wide bodies with short, stubby necks and round heads. They are brown or gray with white and black spots and will appear on your boat from time to time.

Endless Ocean 2

This seal has brown or grey fur covered in white or black spots. It has large eyes that give it excellent underwater vision, but it is colour blind. Cubs are born with downy white fur to let them blend in with the ice floes, but they shed this fur after two to three weeks, and their new fur becomes like their parents’. The seals’ milk they’re raised on is thicker and contains more fat and nutrients than cow’s milk.

[Sleeping with the fishes]

Seals can sleep underwater for a short time because they have a lot of blood which lets them store large quantities of oxygen.


In the first game, these creatures will sometimes appear on your boat.

The second game places them around the A-4 and C-4 ice holes in the North Coast of Canada map.  

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